Saturday, October 4, 2008

TB Racing Marketing to Communities, Family & Kids

NTRA Charities' goals are to broaden the scope of community outreach on a national and local level, promote the sport of Thoroughbred horseracing as a civic-minded industry, and increase awareness for the protection of our equine athletes and horsemen.”Implementation: New separate logo for NTRA charities’. The VP will be in charge of logistics, communication, and coordination of efforts between charities – tracks – online communities. Help the online communities reach out to tracks and help tracks coordinate with their communities. Social Networks – Help tracks meet their on-line fans in a non-race setting. Help coordinate a larger fan response. Events can be put forward by the track, members, or NTRA. Example – “Pablo Suarez, who co-owned Thor's Echo, the 2006 Eclipse Award-winning sprinter, is among a group of Del Mar horse owners, including Bob Bone and Scott Guenther, who will be hosting a group of United States Marines at the track on Monday.” – Buried at the bottom of an online DRF article

1. Coordinate Del Mar’s online community to raise awareness of the meeting and include requests for small donations. Set up a Paypal or other way to donate online.

2. Make sure pictures or video are highlighted on the NTRA homepage, and link to any print media who covers the story independently.

3. Have video of it shown on the next national broadcast.

4. Coordinate w/ another track to possibly do the same thing to compete to raise the most or have the most amount of fans turn out.

Feedback – Photos on the homepage, thank you emails to those in attendance, free passes to the event, t-shirts, any type of inclusion into the NTRA brand.

Suggestions: Programs such as Alex’s Lemonade cast the sport in a positive light. Find ways of having fans directly take part in leaving a lasting impact.

• Organize food drives with local shelters or blood drives and bone marrow registry with local hospitals on large attendance days. Thank donors with free general admission or in other small but special ways.

• Cooperate with Habitat for Humanity and have local business such as the Home Depot donate building supplies. Meanwhile the racing industry provides a workforce of fans, trainers, owners,and jockeys to create “A Home the Horse Built”. Get traditional media participation in the event.

• Construct a horse themed playground at a local school or at a park in an underserved area.

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