Saturday, October 4, 2008

NTRA Withdraws Support for Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill

Four years ago the NTRA made an official declaration that they were against horse slaughter, though they never took it upon themselves to stop it on an industry-wide level. Now, they are saying they are still against racehorse slaughter, but have "concerns" about this new bill and are withholding their support of it.....

We are not suprized. They were never against racehorse slaughter but were only paying lip-service to the claim. Meanwhile the NTRA has been regularly contributing to the very congressional representatives who are STALLING all our efforts to get any kind of anti-horse slaughter legislation passed.

NTRA is obviously playing both sides of the fence, but we know what their real position is;

NTRA Pro-slaughter, say, "Breed Baby Breed - but keep the slaughter going."

Our National Thoroughbred Racing Association is a National Disgrace!
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