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Race Tracks to Celebrate "Exceller" Day

Dont let contributors to the fund fool you into thinking that the industry as a whole really gives a dam about the retired horses. Those that do give, give paultry amounts, not nearly enough, and they certainly arent doing anything to end racehorse slaughter. They are "blowing smoke" with these programs trying to give the appearance of caring. These TB rescue and retirement funds are all grossly underfunded and that JUST SHOULDNT BE! What the INDUSTRY needs to do to "prove to the world" they care, is issue a proclaimation declaring that THE INDUSTRY,as a whole, is IN FACT against racehorse slaughter and furthermore to DISCOURAGE their members from putting any racehorse in danger of going there.

Posted: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 5:05 PM

Tracks to participate in Toast to Exceller day

Several racetracks around the country have agreed to participate in
Toast to Exceller day on Saturday to mark the 30th anniversary of
Exceller’s victory over two Triple Crown winners in the 1978 Jockey Club
Gold Cup Stakes.

The event was designed to raise awareness for Thoroughbred racehorse
retirement and adoption. This year’s Jockey Club Gold Cup (G1) at
Belmont Park has attracted Horse of the Year Curlin among others.

Each of the participating tracks will sell the signature cocktail “The
Exceller” with profits from drink sales going to The Exceller Fund,
which provides “a future beyond the finish line” for racehorses no
longer able to compete. A video replay of Exceller’s triumph over
Affirmed and Seattle Slew in the 1978 Jockey Club Gold Cup is expected
to be shown at participating tracks.

The tracks also have been asked to put a page in their printed programs
describing Exceller’s historic victory, promote the namesake cocktail of
vodka, Triple Sec, and apple, cranberry, and lime juices, and recognize
the Exceller Fund as well as their local equine charity groups.

Mountaineer Race Track, Finger Lakes, Thistledown, Laurel Park, and
Presque Isle Downs are among the tracks participating in the Toast to
Exceller day.

“I can not thank our partner tracks enough for their support with this
and I wish to especially thank the New York Racing Association for their
commitment to the Exceller Fund that will be a lasting relationship for
many years to come,” Exceller Fund President Gary Contessa said. “We
need everyone in this business and fans to come on board and help us in
any way that they can. These Thoroughbreds have been your livelihood or
your passion. No donation is too small to make a difference.”

The Exceller Fund was founded to honor Exceller, whose life ended in a
European slaughterhouse when he was deemed no longer useful as a
breeding stallion.

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