Friday, October 24, 2008

No Support from Anti-Slaughter Camp for Petition that Would REALLY Help Horses

Click on title above to see the petition that would really help thousands of horses that the anti-horse slaughter folk dont seem to be signing. Can you imagine why? Is not the idea embodied in this petition a good one? What is the problem here? Because some rescues "dont like us?" Well lets not lose focus here people....its not about who we like or dislike,....its about the horses, remember, the ones they are killing every day? The ones that die as we stand idly by....

"To stand in silence when we should be protesting makes cowards of us." - Abraham Lincoln

Guess we will have to get this petition on over to the "general" animal loving community as these so-called "horse loving" folk are somthin' else!

Click on title above to see petition

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