Sunday, November 2, 2008

Racing Industry Greed Disguised as "Civic Good"

Guess by now we have all heard of the horse racing industrys new "marketing campaigns." I am particularly annoyed with the proposal to promote the horse-racing / gambling industry to our communites, our family's and youth as a "civic good." They are encouraging their members to contribute to local charities, to participate in such programs as Habitait for Humanity, and to promote the creation of local funding for civic events, particularly geared towards our children such as with their charitable work with the children and the Ronald McDonald folk. This is racing industry greed at it worst, as it is putting our youth at risk by promoting gambling as "a good thing." Dont the industry brainieacts that came up with that idea know gambling is a vice and is the ruination of many familys' and youths and is something NOT to be promoted as a benefit to society? Duh. For shame on them for trying to disguise their own self-interest in the
guise of "civic duty & pride!"

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