Monday, November 3, 2008

Mountaineer to Go "No-Kill?" Wow!

We ARE making GREAT strides in the "No-Kill" Stable Revolution! Mountaineer going "No-Kill" should make a BIG dent in the number of TBs Showing up at SugarCreek Cruelty Auction House!

By Ray Paulick

Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort in West Virginia has notified horsemen they will lose stalls and may be excluded from the track if any horses racing at Mountaineer end up at the Sugarcreek auction in Ohio, the Amish-run livestock sale where many horses end up in the hands of killer buyers and headed for slaughter facilities in Canada or Mexico.

The new policy appeared on aTuesday overnight entry sheetat the Chester, W. Va., track. Suffolk Downs racetrack in East Boston, Mass., was a pioneer in instituting a policy to prevent horses going to slaughter auctions, and Magna Entertainment recently adopted a company-wide policy at its tracks.

Mountaineer also is instituting a ban on toe grabs in excess of two millimeters in height on the front feet. That policy takes effect Dec. 1.

Thanks to the Paulick Report reader who brought this new policy at Mountaineer to our attention.

vicki tobin|
The only way to stop excessive breeding is to take away the financial incentive that slaughter
provides and then to back rigid enforcement of existing cruelty laws. We cannot wish our way
out of abuse and neglect any more than we can slaughter our way out of it.
~ John Holland

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Mary Johnson said...

Surely you jest about Mountaineer's "no horse to slaughter" policy. The slaughter pipeline is alive and well at the illustrious Mountaineer! A perfect example is Deputy Broad. This policy is a farce.