Friday, November 28, 2008

China to Re-Introduce HorseRacing after 60 Years!

This IS NOT good news for the horses!

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As we all have seen the markets of racing horses it has also created problems to promote horse slaughter and abuse and neglect. China is getting ready to promote the same goals as America has. Sadly China does eat horses so there slaughter numbers could drastly increase. France and other countries may rely on there retired and injured horses for lunch...Here is the story....... ...
Horse racing returns to China after 60 years

November 27, 2008

Horse racing will return to the People's Republic of China on Saturday after a 60-year absence.
No race meetings been held in the republic since its formation in 1949.
The racing at Wuhan, which is approved by the government, will feature seven races and has a total prize pool of 120,000 yuan ($NZ32,000).
It is hoped the meetings will be held weekly and is part of the first steps to explore the potential commercialisation of racing in China.
Bets will be modest and at set prices, and are being called a "horse lottery".
Wuhan was a thriving centre for horse racing before 1949.

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