Friday, May 6, 2011

PETA Exposes Race Horse Breeding Industry - Saves Eight Belles Cousin from Slaughter

Click on link to read article and see vid;


Horse Racing Megasite said...

Great article, thanks for your share and your time which you spend for us!

Gastric Ulcer Omeprazole for Horses said...

I know that most people will take care of a horse in need and if they can not then they find someone who can. Horse slaughter is cruel- no doubt about it- but what is even more sickening are the people involved in the illegal trade, and the conditions that the horse is inhumanely kept before his/hers last days of life.

Ashlee said...

Horse slaughter is really an evil thing and this must be stopped! People behind this says that slaughter is the only way to decrease their population due to excessive equine reproduction.