Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat Forces Tracks to Close, Except for Saratoga, Says NYRA

As record heat and high humidity make life unbearable for North-easterners,....some  racetrack  managers, realising the danger of running horses in high-heat, have wisely chosen to cancel all races today;

However, on the other hand, we have "managers" like the NYRA (and the equine vets that support them) attempting to justify their decsion NOT to cancel the races at Saratoga Racetrack tomorrow which also happens to be Opening Day (when record monies are made)
I was disgusted (but not suprized) to see one of our own equine veternarians in this vid,...also trying to justify running horses in this heat. Sorry Doc,...there is just NO WAY you can MINIMIZE THE DANGER OF or Justify the Forcing of the Horses to Run in this heat...It just cant be done and is INHUMANE! As a veternarian who has taken an oath to put the welfare of animals first, what you SHOULD have done on a professional level was to see to it that races were cancelled tomorrow,... opening day or not.

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