Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cincinnati Horse Trainer Charged with Cruelty, Abandonment

by: Pat Raia
January 08 2010, Article # 15610

Thoroughbred horse trainer Chad Moore faces multiple animal cruelty charges in connection with the alleged abandonment and maltreatment of horses at his Ohio farm.

Clermont County animal control officials removed six allegedly malnourished Thoroughbred horses, one pony, and one donkey from Moore's Bethel Farm last month. The carcasses of at least 10 horses were also found on the property, said Clermont County Communications Director Kathy Lehr.

Moore was arrested on unrelated charges shortly after the animals' removal.

On Thursday, he was charged with two counts of animal abandonment and two counts of animal cruelty. Additional charges are pending, Lehr said. Moore remains in the Clermont County jail.

Two mares were euthanized. The surviving animals are receiving rehabilitative care at a private farm.

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