Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NYRA announces anti-slaughter policy

Well its about time! NYS has thee most lucrative breeding incentives in the world,....it is the least they can do.

SARATOGA SPRINGS - The New York Racing Association is cracking the whip on owners and trainers who sell their horses to slaughter.

NYRA announced a new policy Thursday -- a month after NewsChannel 13 reported that the organization didn't have written rules regarding slaughter.

While they're racing and winning, they often live the good life. After they've lost their value, it's possible for racehorses to end up at slaughterhouses -- strung up, throats slashed and allowed to bleed out.

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NYRA Details Anti-Slaughter Policy

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The movement to make sure racehorses don't end up slaughtered for food gained momentum when NYRA adopted strict new no-slaughter rules.

The new NYRA policy says any owner or trainer who sells a horse to slaughter will lose his barn privileges permanently.

"Horse slaughter will not be tolerated and those participating in this practice, either knowingly or for lack of due diligence, will not be welcome at Aqueduct, Belmont Park, or Saratoga," NYRA President and CEO Charles Hayward said in a statement.

This policy is a personal victory for John Hendrickson of Marylou Whitney Stables. Shortly after NewsChannel 13 told the story of racehorse slaughter in late October, Hendrickson took the issue to his fellow NYRA board members.

"They were very receptive. There's nobody that's for slaughter," Hendrickson said.

According to the humane society, up to 20 percent of all thoroughbreds end up slaughtered. The thoroughbred retirement foundation works to save racehorses and welcomes NYRA's new no-tolerance policy.

"This sends the absolute right message to owners and breeders, saying we have to think about these horses for their whole lives, not just when they're on the track trying to make money for us," said Diana Pikulski of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.

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