Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Gimmick by the horse-racing industry to broaden their fan base, and, (wouldnt you know it) to get their gambers some tax breaks.

Click on title above to see a petition for "No Tax Breaks for Gamblers"


The mission of the Thoroughbred Racing Fan Association, Inc., (ThoroFan) is to foster the growth of the Thoroughbred racing industry by providing racing fans with an organization that will actively support their interests.


ThoroFan’s goals are to retain existing fans and develop new ones through education, membership benefits and communicating the voice of the fan to the racing industry. We aspire to enhance the enjoyment of racing, and knowledge of the sport by developing handicapping skills, providing a clearer path to ownership and reporting on a wide range of issues that are of interest to today’s fan. We leverage our efforts through cooperation with other organizations in the Thoroughbred community.


The Thoroughbred racing fan is the ultimate customer of the sport and industry. Without fan support there would be no races, racehorses, horsemen, owners, track operators or breeding farms. The fan is critical to Thoroughbred racing.

Each fan, regardless of level of participation in the sport, needs to have his or her concerns identified and supported if Thoroughbred racing is to prosper.



Anonymous said...

Is Thorofan in the Hall of Shame ??

Onion said...

I don't quite get your point on Thorofan.

You like them or hate them? You think its good or not-so-good.

Looks like they are tossing a pretty good party in Saratoga on July 26, though. Good enough for me....

Anonymous said...

Thorofan should be in the Hall of Shame. A very small group, kept that way by a very closed Board of Directors--all three of them and related to each other. Fans onto themselves.