Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Further Evidence of PAST POST BETTING

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Mon May 25, 2009 3:50 pm (PDT)


I know this is something you strongly believe goes on, and I found the below link very, very interesting. A CONFIRMED past-posting incident from hollywood park recently...

I'll post the link in a second, but there were 2 incidences at the Meadowlands today that motivated me to even do a search on the topic.. Margarita Momma in the 4th today.. is 2/1 well past the quarter, and then at the next odds switch drops to 1/1... yes, i know, she was the heavy ML favorite, so maybe that can be excused... then in the 7th race, #1 Vesuvio As is 5/2 going to the quarter, and #2 Hot Shot Blue Chip is 7/2... well, Hot Shot Blue Chip makes a break, and at the next odds flash, he was drifted to 9/2, while Vesuvio As goes to 8/5...... Say what you want, but this just does not look good.....

here is the hollywood link..



thanks for link, well documented.....truth is these are just a few of the
stories told.

At my local HUB (OTB), I know every teller on a first name
basis........they have for years punched tickets on windows that don't close. Sometimes,
it is 30 secs after the bell, sometimes a minutes, sometimes until the race
finishes, other times it's never.

One particular instance, a Huge track like Hollywood didn't close the race
and they punched out numerous straight superfecta's. Caused the payoff to
drop to $3,000 on what should have been $8-12K.

The Feds came in and actually waxed 2 or 3 of the tellers for that

Now toss in The Big M's survival challenge infiltrated by the upstate New
York hacker(s).

the list goes on and on.....

we have two forces of nature at play:

1> the tellers or track computer geeks that have the ability to change

2> the outside hackers who can figure out a way to past post.

Only way to fix some or any of the problems is a commissioner like I have
stated numerous times.

I, like you, believe it happens at the Big M a good bit, the Person(s) that
does it though is a good vandal, he strikes and then goes away....greed
has not caught up with him to do it night after night, it seems more every
3-4 months...IMO

thanks for sharing your thoughts


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