Friday, April 10, 2009

SOS for Tampa Bay Downs TB's

Urgent Plea For Thoroughbreds Destined For The Slaughter House
Posted by: "xr7catcar" xr7catcar
Thu Apr 9, 2009 11:55 am (PDT)

Hello, My name is Donna , I'm a volunteer for the Hankes Horse Ranch in Zephyrhills, Fl. We're contacting everyone who has a love for horses to find out if you've heard about what is going to happen to the horses at Tampa Bay Downs in Oldsmar, Fl at the end of the racing season in April. Have you heard about that? I hadn't heard about it either til I started volunteering for their Horse Rescue in Zephyrhills...

Well, basically, the thoroughbred racing horses at Tampa Bay Downs, that for one reason or another, are no longer wanted by their owners are abandoned in their stalls. Tampa Bay Downs then has to find a way to dispose of these poor animals. Usually they are bought very cheap by slaughter house buyers and they are doomed to a torturous death. I'm not going to upset you with the details but trust me it's not pretty. The good news is, it doesn't have to happen! Why should these beautiful horses who have raced their hearts out be doomed to die when they can go to the Hankes Horse Ranch in Zephyrhills? They've got 7 acres of pasture all ready for them to retire on, a loving reward for all their years of service to racing. And you can help!

Julie & Bruce Hanke have made it easy for us to help the horses because they've already done the hard part, they've started up the ranch and opened their arms and seven acres to these horses. Aren't they wonderful? Without them we wouldn't stand a chance of saving these horses, now all we have to do is help them help the horses! Will you help the horses?

Here's how you can help and here's what they need: Hay, feed, and Vet care. You can donate once $5.00 - $1,000 towards all of the horses or sponsor one of the horses with a $100 monthly donation. Please remember, no donation is too small because all of these donations together from caring people like you make it possible to save their lives. When you choose to sponsor a horse monthly we'll email you pictures every month and update you on the horses progress. Every donation brings these horses one step closer to the ranch and we're truly racing against the clock right now because these horses will literally die the end of this month if the Hankes can't intercede as soon as possible.

So do you wish to sponsor a horse monthly or do you prefer a one time donation towards saving their lives? Please call me ASAP @ 727 475 1300 so I can give you the Ranch address and answer any questions you may have. On behalf of these beautiful horses I thankyou so much, Donna

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portia said...

Donna sounds like a great idea but how many OTTB's do you think can live on 7 acres? Also is everyone who works there qualified to care for and rehabilitate OTTB's? Are they a non profit rescue center that has been approved by a vet? THese are all questions that should answered before someone gives their money to a farm. Also is there proof that these horses are being left at Tampa Bay? Something to think about.