Monday, January 19, 2009

Fairfield Goes No Slaughter!

A Message from Fairfield Executive Director, Lanny Brooks, another Horse-Hero of the Horse Racing World;

January 9, 2009

Dear Owner,

Fairmount Park along with the H.B.P.A. will be implementing a new policy starting this year. It reads as follows: Any trainer or owner stabling at Fairmount Park who directly or indirectly participates in the transport of a horse from Fairmount to either a slaughterhouse or an auction house engaged in selling horses for slaughter will be prohibited from having stalls at Fairmount Park. The policy also applies to any actions related to the transport of a horse from Fairmount Park where the ultimate intended result is the horse’s slaughter.

It is the wish of the H.B.P.A. and Fairmount to take this to the next level, so here is what we are proposing. Our plan is to create the following. Along with our horses for sale program which has successfully transitioned over 65 horses we find that there is a need to address the problem of what to do with Fairmount Park race horses that suffer career ending injuries or that are simply not wanted anymore. Injured horses will receive preference and if necessary unwanted horses will be put on a short waiting list. Catastrophic injuries that occur during a race will still be the responsibility of the owner or his representative. Our solution to this problem is the following. Such horses will be brought to a holding stall. We will then arrange for transportation to an adoption center where the horse will be cared for until it can be placed in a new home. There will be no questions asked, the trainer or owner will simply notify the H.B.P.A. and the horse will be moved immediately.

To cover the cost of a donation to the retirement center, transportation etc. we propose that each owner allows two dollars per start to be deducted from their account and be place into a fund which will be administered by a non profit corporation which will set up by Fairmount and the H.B.P.A. This amount will be matched by Fairmount dollar for dollar. This is a small amount of money for the return we will receive in the welfare of our horses and the positive public relations that will result from doing this.

I invite your input on this matter and hope you will agree that this is the right thing to do. If you don’t opt out by notifying us in writing the money will be deducted when we start racing on April 7. Keep in mind if you have five horses that each run 12 times, your contribution would only be $120.00 for the entire year!

Thank you in advance for your consideration in what I believe is something that so worth while and is the right thing to do for our horses and our image.


Lanny Brooks H.B.P.A. Executive Director

"Racehorse Alternative Choice Environment" R.A.C.E.

Purpose: To transfer unwanted horses from the racetrack with the intention of finding them a place to rehabilitate and be placed in a new environment.


1. We will accept unwanted horses or horses that are not being cared for.

2. We will not accept horses that break down and in the opinion of the veterinarian should be euthanized. That will be the responsibility of the owner.

3. We will accept horses that suffer non life threatening injuries which cause the owner not to want to the horse anymore.

4. Horses must be ones that are currently racing at Fairmount Park.

5. Fairmount Park or the H.B.P.A. will not be responsible for any financial obligations incurred by the owner on behalf of this equine prior to its donation to R.A.C.E.

6. The owner agrees that he or she is transferring full ownership of the horse to R.A.C.E. and R.A.C.E. has full authority for all veterinarian procedures.

7. Foal papers must accompany the horse along with a current coggins. Foal papers will be stamped “not for racing”.

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